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Laser Cutting & Waterjet Service in Phoenix

We Have a New Laser

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It is a Trumpf 3040 4KW Fiber Optic Laser The benefits of the new laser are: The bed size is 80″ x 160″! We can cut copper and brass! We can cut faster than before! We can cut thicker materials! We can cut more accurately than...

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Southwest Waterjet and Laser is now offering….

Posted by on Feb 14, 2017 in Featured | 0 comments

Southwest Waterjet and Laser is now offering…. 20% off laser cutting! 10% off Waterjet cutting! Now thru the March 3rd 2017! Contact one of our Estimators at: to get your order going! Certain terms and conditions...

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Did you know Southwest Waterjet and Laser can cut Granite

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Southwest Waterjet offers Granite cutting services

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Our water jet cutting machines provide many benefits over the traditional granite cutting saw. One of these benefits is that most of the cutting is done below water thereby eliminated any airborne by-products such as dust. Also, there is no chance of heat damage to the granite or to the saw when using a water jet machine. While a water jet cutter cannot be operated by hand because of how large and heavy the machine is, it is run by a complex computer program instead. This program allows the machine to cut extremely intricate shapes into granite with perfect precision over and over again. The machine is so precise, in fact, that when cutting something like a granite tile out of a slab of stone, the edge that is cut is the finished edge. This means there is no...

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