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TRUMPF Tube Laser 5000

A Southwest Waterjet & Laser we use the TRUMPF Tube Laser 5000 to provide tube laser cutting services for our customers in AZ and the Southwest. Here are some highlights of this laser cutting machine.

Are Some Of Features Of The TRUMPF Tube Laser 5000 ?

The TRUMPF Tube Laser 5000

The TruLaser Tube Laser 5000 Fiber is the ultimate industrial fabrication tool. It utilizes the power of solid-state lasers to cut through a wide variety of tubes and profiles quickly and efficiently, taking processing times well below what was previously possible. As a bonus, it can handle heavier tubes and thicker materials thanks to its increased laser power.

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Are Some Of Features Of The TRUMPF Tube Laser 5000 ?

➔ Rapid Cut Technology : Its rapid-cut technology makes sized contours cut at rapid speeds with precision, ensuring high productivity rates due to its speedy processing capabilities.

➔ Open Concept Design: The Laser Tube 5000 fiber is designed with an open concept that offers greater access and improved visibility during the manufacturing process.

➔ Specialized Projects Bevel cutting angles up to 45° offer excellent performance for specialized projects. It can accurately complete various job site tasks through bevel accuracy!

➔ Flexible Clamping System The clamping system of the TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber allows tubes to be machined without retooling over its entire clamping range. It can effortlessly switch between multiple processes without costly retooling investments.

➔ Integrated Capabilities Includes integrated flow drilling, tapping, and twist drilling capabilities and automated processes that reduce parts handling and errors.

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 Southwest Waterjet & Laser, specializes  in  tube laser cutting  for industries in Arizona, and the entire Southwest.  Our newest offering is the Trumpf Tube Laser 5000 Fiber: a cutting-edge machine that takes advantage of solid-state lasers in a never-before-seen way.

With this revolutionary product, we will be able to complete your projects faster than ever with increased efficiency and power. We are committed to providing the utmost precision for your next project. With our TruLaser Tube 5000 Fiber, we’ve guaranteed top-notch results with impressive turnaround times. Our machine can handle cutting through these materials  for your next project steel, stainless steel, copper, and brass. 

Contact Southwest Waterjet And Laser today for the best tube laser cutting services throughout Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, and other states in the Southwest. 

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