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Laser Cutting & Waterjet Service in Phoenix

Laser or Waterjet?

Laser or Waterjet


  • Waterjets can cut thicker materials, up to 6″ thick and more.Low cost waterjet cutting in progress.
  • Lasers can usually cut thinner materials much faster and more cost effective.
  • Waterjets can cut virtually any material.
  • Lasers are more limited in what materials can or should be cut.
  • Waterjets cut with very little Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).
  • Lasers heat material during cutting process.
  • Waterjets can usually cut short run of parts at a lower cost. There is usually less setup time.
  • Lasers are better suited for long run of parts.
  • Waterjet tolerances can be programmed in a wide range, and a wide range of cut surface conditions.
  • Laser tolerances are about +/- .007, or better.
  • Waterjets can cut different material types with virtually no machine tooling changes.
  • Depending on material and job changes, setup time may vary between material and job changes.
  • Waterjets introduce water on the material surface.
  • Laser is dry cutting.
  • Waterjet can cut through different layers of material.
  • Lasers can only cut through one layer of material.